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Our Office's Safety Measures

Office Setting

  • Sanitization protocols set forth for the operatories now extend to our front door
  • Continuous air purification (with coverage in excess of office square footage) using Carbon, HEPA, and UV-C Filters
  • Signs upon entering and throughout reminding patients and staff proper sneeze/cough and hand sanitization etiquette
  • Multiple hand hygiene stations, including  70-95% ethyl alcohol sanitizer and anti-microbial soap for hand washing
  • Concerted effort made to limit, if not eliminate, multiple patients in the waiting room (We ask that patients do not arrive prior to their appointed time, and patients may call before entering the building to best ensure social distancing)
  • Gloves provided for patients who wish to peruse our magazines and periodicals
  • Aerosol reduction and intraoral aerosol capture devices utilized during any aerosol-producing treatments 
  • Dental waterlines regularly flushed and treated with an advanced anti-microbial system
  • All non-disposable instruments sterilized (via Ultrasonic, cold sterilizer, and autoclave steam sterilizer with weekly spore testing)


  • Pre-screened for infectious disease symptoms and exposure disclosures
  • Pre-screened for health history (including autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancer, heart disease) and assessed for appropriate appointment and/or specialist care
  • Facial coverings required for facility entry and throughout initial screening process
  • Temperature taken and recorded (via touchless thermometer on forehead) upon entering facility (Patients with temperatures above 100°F will be advised to immediately contact their physician and sent home)
  • If a companion is necessary for an appointment, their temperature is also taken and recorded. To maintain social distancing in our waiting room, the parent or guardian may be asked to wait in their car until the end of the appointment


  • Hand hygiene reviewed for proper technique, encouraged often and at least before and after every patient
  • Temperatures taken twice daily (via touchless thermometer on forehead) upon entering and before leaving facility
  • Pre-screened daily for infectious symptoms and exposure disclosures
  • Appropriate PPE (gloves after proper hand hygiene, masks, face shields, gowns, and eye protection appropriate for treatment and patient health history)
  • We are thankful to have a small staff, and we appreciate patients’ understanding if we need to reschedule an appointment to best maintain staff, fellow patient, and community safety.